S.R. 54 Multi-Use Bridge

S.R. 54 Multi-Use Bridge

Multi Use Bridge Crossing State Route 54

Description: This project will consist of the construction of a multi-use bridge crossing for SR 54 near the hospital to connect the Fayette Piedmont Hospital/West Fayetteville Area to the existing path system, located south of SR 54 at Lester Road. The bridge will provide additional bike/pedestrian accessibility for the area.

Project Type: Transportation

Proposed Project Year: 2018

Estimated Cost: $600,000

Budget Funding & Resources:

GDOT grant funds received – $866,000

Potential GDOT grant – $1,300,000

Proposed SPLOST – $600,000

Location: First Manassas Mile

Current Status As of 0/0/0: Engineering is ongoing and anticipate completing by 2018