The National Citizen Survey – Fayetteville, Georgia

The City of Fayetteville in cooperation with the National Research Center launched the National Citizen Survey in the fall of 2018 by mailing 1,600 surveys to homes across the city. An online version of the survey was opened to everyone in December. The survey compares Fayetteville to communities across the nation based on public opinion. The survey focused on Community Characteristics, Governance, and Community Participation within the following eight facets: Safety, Mobility, Natural Environment, Built Environment, Economy, Recreation & Wellness, Education & Enrichment, and Community Engagement.


NCS Fayetteville Infographic – 1 page – This gives a high-level summary of Fayetteville’s National Citizen Survey results.

NCS Community Livability Report – 14 pages – Here you will find a detailed summary of the survey results, illustrated with charts and graphs.

NCS Dashboard – 4 pages – This gives a quick but thorough overview of how survey participants responded.

NCS Supplemental Online Results – 23 pages – Here are the results from the online survey, which was made available during the second phase of Fayetteville’s National Citizen Survey process.

NCS User Guide – 21 pages – This generic document explains how The National Research Center conducts its National Citizen Survey and how governments like the City of Fayetteville should interpret the results.

NCS Technical Appendices – 51 pages – This is where you find the comprehensive results of Fayetteville’s National Citizen Survey.