Museum intern returns, sets up new exhibit

Museum managers Nicole Gilbert (left) and Thomas Lee (not pictured) welcomed intern Sabrina Barlow back this year to work on more special projects.

1800s medical tools now on display in the room where Dr. Holliday worked

Holliday Dorsey Fife Museum intern Sabrina Barlow, who made her debut on Fayetteville’s historic preservation scene last year, returned to her post at the museum in June after graduating with history and politics degrees from Hillsdale College in Michigan.

Working alongside museum managers Thomas Lee and Nicole Gilbert, Barlow again this summer has been busy helping the museum improve its guest experience in several ways, including the launch of a brand-new medical tools exhibit.

“The significance is that Dr. John Stiles Holliday, the man who built this house, would have used the implements that are in the apothecary case to create pills and prescriptions for his patients,” Barlow said.

And what about the other case with the amputation devices and other painful-looking equipment?

“Holliday served a six-month stint in the Confederate Army as a doctor,” Barlow said.

Gilbert noted that Holliday seems to have retired from the medical profession around the time the War Between the States ended.

“He had probably seen too much,” Gilbert said. “It would have been like being a physician for two lifetimes, or maybe more.”

Most of the medical tools currently included in the exhibit are on a one-year loan from the Newnan-Coweta Historical Society. Gilbert says they hope to expand the exhibit and make it a permanent feature of the museum.

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