Mayor, Council call on residents to ‘Keep Fayetteville Clean’

The City of Fayetteville is on a trajectory for excellent, managed, and progressive growth. There are numerous new development projects currently under construction or in the process for approval; this includes the construction of a new City Hall and government center, a community complex, the implementation of the new downtown master plan, and revitalization of the center of town.

Needless to say, the current council is working diligently to be good stewards of your trust and resources and hope we can count on citizens to do their part in making Fayetteville a community we all appreciate and take pride in.

To this end, our Public Works staff do an excellent job of keeping the city clean and reducing the litter that is randomly and disrespectfully thrown and dropped from automobiles and some commercial vehicles. The Public Works crews cannot consistently clean our streets and sidewalks and maintain the city’s landscapes and roads alone. We need your assistance in “Keeping Fayetteville Clean”.

We are calling on all citizens and business owners to share in the “pride in our City”. Please be cognizant and not throw trash from your vehicles, and if trash is inadvertently dropped, please make an effort to retrieve it. If you are a citizen who takes pride in our city, and if you want to help maintain the quality and decorum, help by picking up trash when possible. Neighbors should periodically walk your neighborhoods and help show personal pride by picking up trash and litter.

We are asking all business owners to please be aware of the condition of your parking lots and business frontage. Please help us by periodically picking up trash and debris that may have accumulated on your property, even if you are just a tenant and not the property owner. When and if you have the grass cut, please ensure the trash is picked up before the lawn mower makes more trash by cutting over debris and paper. Please take care of over-filled trash receptacles to prevent trash trucks from unintentionally dumping trash on the ground, which ultimately blows onto the streets and parking lots. Our Code Enforcement Department will cite businesses who flagrantly allow trash and debris to accumulate on their property.

We want all citizens to show and take pride in keeping Fayetteville clean. We can only succeed at achieving success in this effort when everyone joins in and helps. We seek to make Fayetteville “premiere city”, but we can only do so when everyone takes pride in the city’s appearance and cleanliness. Please help “Keep Fayetteville Clean”!

– Mayor Ed Johnson and theFayetteville City Council

May 7, 2018 4:59 pm |