Main Street Fayetteville adopts new logo

The new Main Street Fayetteville logo was designed to capture a possibly “overlooked” element of the city’s most recognizable landmark. According to Downtown Development Director Brian Wismer, it also represents key Main Street program strategies. (Photo by Jake Smith)

The Old Fayette County Courthouse in Historic Downtown Fayetteville, built in 1825, is the most recognizable landmark in Fayetteville, and now Main Street Fayetteville’s new logo will draw more attention to the possibly overlooked weathervane on the peak of its clock tower.

Downtown Development Director Brian Wismer told Fayetteville City Council members at their May 3 meeting that the logo design process revealed that many people were unaware the weathervane existed. From the ground immediately beneath the tower, the ornate topper is slightly obscured by the gables over the clock faces and by the curvature of the tower peak itself.

Wismer also noted that the logo committee took into account the fact that the clock tower is used a lot in Fayette County government logos.

“We didn’t want to just do that again, but we didn’t want to dismiss the most recognizable feature in our downtown,” Wismer said. “Basically, this is the top of the clock tower.

“What’s neat about tying the weathervane in is that the features tie in some of the tenets of the national Main Street program,” Wismer continued. He said the four-point approach taken to revitalize Historic Downtown Fayetteville is to focus on The Design, The Organization, The Economic Development, and The Promotion.

“The upward arrow is representative of what’s called The New Transformational Strategies that the national program has us do to help in formulating our long-term plans for revitalization of the area,” Wismer said.

As for the old logo, Wismer said it has been used for around 20 years, and it has served its purpose well.

“We’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it,” he said.

May 16, 2018 7:18 am |