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License Plate Reader Systems

The police department has a need to incorporate two fixed license plate reader systems to the north end of the city on Ga. Hwy 85 and on Ga. Hwy 314. These LPRs can provide unique data that will assist officers in the locating and arrests of numerous violators from the thefts and other crimes we have in the North Fayette and Fayette Pavilion area. With proper community education and involvement it is a valuable tool to help lower incidents of theft and other crimes at the Fayette Pavilion. This project will also include additional vehicle LPRs as well. In several incidents the LPRs have been credited with providing license plate information that has helped capture robbery and burglary suspects in the county and metro Fayette area.

Proposed Project Year: 2017-2018

Budgeted Funding & Resources: 6 year SPLOST – $224,000

Status: LPR 25% complete in progress pending approval

Updated: 8/20/18