Hwy. 54 repaving progress halted by weather

Back-to-back rainy evenings in Fayetteville have delayed Hwy. 54 repaving progress.

Georgia Department of Transportation District 3 officials say crews worked nightly through early Tuesday morning, but they were not able to work Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

All of the repaving work from the Coweta County line to Downtown Fayetteville is complete, but there are still areas on Fayetteville’s east side that need a last layer of asphalt. GDOT officials say crews will commence this evening if weather permits.

The 12.5-mile repaving project stretches from the Coweta County line to a point just east of McDonough Road, which is east of Fayetteville. From that point, GDOT is working on a more extensive project of widening the highway so that it will have four lanes all the way to the Tara Boulevard intersection in Clayton County.

All of the work for the past few weeks has been done overnight from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., and that schedule will continue, weather permitting, for the next few nights until all of the repaving work is complete.

Restriping work will commence when the repaving is finished, and crews will cut new timing loops into the necessary traffic-signaled intersections.

While the City welcomes comments and questions on the Hwy. 54 repaving project, the public is being reminded that this is a state project. Communications with the City on the project are forwarded to GDOT.

During all of this repaving, at least one through-lane will remain open, but expect traffic delays in the affected areas.

Please drive slowly and carefully past construction zones.

Visit the City’s website, www.fayetteville-ga.gov, and social media channels for updates.

Anyone with questions or concerns about the project may contact the GDOT District 3 office at 706-845-4115 or by e-mailing amccart@dot.ga.gov.

Sep 27, 2018 8:36 am |