Fayetteville Flag Design Contest

We want to say “thank you” to all of our Flag Design Contest entrants. We received many designs, and our Flag Design Contest Committee has selected the following six finalists.

The purpose of this contest is to engage residents in the discussion of whether the City of Fayetteville should keep its current flag or to change it. If a change is made, how should the new flag look, and what meaning would it convey?

The City is asking residents to vote on their favorite of these six flag designs, one of which is the current flag. Ultimately, Fayetteville City Council members will consider public input and then make a decision on whether to keep the current flag or to adopt a new one based on ideas submitted during this contest.

After you have looked through the entries, click the survey link to vote for your favorite. To vote, you must give your name and address. While the City is interested in everyone’s opinion, City of Fayetteville residents’ votes may be given extra consideration if they differ from the wider group.


1 – This is the City of Fayetteville’s current flag, which incorporates an element representing the Old Fayette County Courthouse and a star, which signifies that Fayetteville is the county seat.

2 – This flag combines the relatively new City logo with an element (top of the Old Fayette County Courthouse clock tower) of the new Main Street Fayetteville logo.

3 – The fleur-de-lis symbolizes the town’s namesake, Marquis de Lafayette, and is modified to include a stylized version of the historic Fayette County Courthouse. The red, white, and blue tricolor is representative of Lafayette’s French heritage, and the colors tie in to the flags of Georgia and the United States.

4 – The layout and colors of the flag are based on those used historically in Georgia state flags, to show connection to the state. The motif in the blue section is a simplified representation of the Fayetteville courthouse, a historic landmark in the city.

5 – The Fleur de lis represents the county’s origin of name in the French Hero of the American Revolution, the Marquis de Lafayette. The design reminiscent of the coat of arms of Pauillac, France, which is Fayetteville’s sister city. The blue colors are from the new Fayetteville logo color palette. The top half of Fleur de lis is a reference to Fayetteville’s most iconic symbol, the Old Courthouse.

6 – Similar to Flag #2, this flag borrows an element (the weather vane) of the new Main Street Fayetteville logo.