Fayetteville wins Fayette County Public Safety Games trophy

The Fayetteville Public Safety Team

A new winner’s plate is being engraved for the Fayette County Public Safety Competetition trophy, and it will have “Fayetteville” engraved on it for 2018 in honor of the City team consisting of fire fighters and police officers.

Peachtree City Police hoisted the trophy for the last five years, and the Peacthree City Fire Department kept it for the two years before that. The trophy has been around since 2000.

Competing over several weeks in everything from spike ball to bowling to softball and golf, Fayetteville FD/PD stood out with 530 points to Peachtree City Police’s 455, Peachtree City Fire’s 155, and Fayette County Fire’s 80. Welcome to Fayetteville, Public Safety Competition trophy!

May 30, 2018 3:00 pm |