Fayetteville Fire and Police team up with active shooter incident response training

Fayetteville’s Fire and Police departments are taking steps to ensure they can work effectively together when responding to a scene involving an active shooter.

Both departments will be participating in training which teaches tactics to provide medical responders quicker access to wounded victims, even while law enforcement is still working to end the threat. This is a significant change from past practices where medical responders were generally required to “stage” until the threat was neutralized by law enforcement. This delay significantly reduced the survivability of shooting victims due to the rapid blood loss a gunshot wound causes.

Fayetteville Fire Captain Sean Venza first participated in the course called “Tactical Emergency Casualty Care.” When Captain Venza saw how much this change in our operations could improve the outcome for shooting victims, he approached Fire Chief Alan Jones and immediately received his support to implement this training program within the department.

“The threats facing our community are constantly changing and we must be willing and able to change our preparation and response as needed,” Chief Jones said.

Captain Venza, who is now an instructor, has reached out and is working with the police department training division to bring this training to all in both departments.

Once the training is complete, it will require both departments practicing the tactics together to ensure activities at an actual scene will be coordinated.

Jul 31, 2018 8:26 am |