Fayetteville breaks ground for Whitewater Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Upgrade

Elected officials, City staff and project contractors ceremonially broke ground Wednesday morning on the Whitewater Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Upgrade.

The City of Fayetteville ceremonially broke ground Wednesday morning, Aug. 28, at its Whitewater Creek Water Pollution Control Plant in anticipation of a facility upgrade slated to begin this fall and be completed in late 2020 or early 2021, depending on weather.

Currently, the City’s plant operates using two distinct processes. One portion of the plant utilizes a sequence batch reactor treatment process, and the other portion of the plant utilizes an activated sludge process. Together, both processes provide a treatment capacity of five million gallons per day at the plant. The upgraded plant will consolidate the two processes into one, using what is known as an oxidation ditch, which is more energy efficient and sustainable into the future. It will continue to provide five million gallons per day in treatment capacity, in a much more efficient and easy to operate fashion.

The City selected the Architectural & Engineering firm Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood to design the upgraded facilities, and construction company Reeves Young to build it.

“We at GMC were very excited to be selected to work on this project, and have greatly enjoyed working with Fayetteville staff to develop a design that will not only allow the City to treat wastewater in a more efficient way, but also allow the plant to easily treat additional waste as the city continues to grow,” said Andy Pippin with Goodwyn, Mills, and Cawood.

“We know that choosing to invest funds into something that most citizens will never see is a hard decision,” Pippin continued. “We commend the leadership of the Mayor and Council, and the direction by staff, to do just that. Fayetteville will be in great shape to welcome new economic development opportunities while keeping the environment around the plant clean and healthy.”

“We have been looking forward to this upgrade for a while, as it will ensure the City of Fayetteville maintains its water treatment quality standards well into the future,” said Public Services Director Chris Hindman. “Currently, we average around 2.3 million gallons of wastewater treated daily. As Fayetteville grows, maintaining that additional capacity will help us address those future needs.”

Hindman says the construction process is being planned in a way that there will be uninterrupted wastewater treatment throughout.

Click here to see a video recap of the groundbreaking ceremony.

Learn more about Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood at www.gmcnetwork.com, and learn more about Reeves Young at www.reevesyoung.com.

Aug 28, 2019 12:23 pm |