Fairchild, Koslowsky and Coppolino place in Fayetteville’s 2018 Photography Contest

Brad Fairchild (center) and Mary Lynn Kirby are two of the photographers who participated in the 2018 Photography Contest. Fairchild’s image of the Old Fayette County Courthouse clock interior was chosen as the first-place entry.

The Fayetteville City Hall lobby is looking lovelier thanks to a new photo gallery displaying winning entries and honorable mentions from the City’s 2018 Photography Contest.

Dozens of photographers answered the call earlier this year to submit entries into this first-ever contest, which was dreamed up by the Fayetteville Finance Department as a way to engage the public while also decorating a part of City Hall most often visited by local residents. Three of those photographers, Brad Fairchild, Marlene Koslowsky, and Graham Coppolino won first, second, and third place, respectively, in the contest, and theirs and the works of eight more participants were selected for inclusion in the new gallery display.

Fairchild’s photo, which is displayed in the center of the exhibit, shows the community’s most recognizable landmark, the Old Fayette County Courthouse clock tower, from the most exclusive perspective: inside the clock itself. Koslowsky captures a vista within Fayetteville City Cemetery befitting a national resting place. Coppolino’s photo is perhaps the most modern-looking, offering a time-lapse image of the western-facing “Fayetteville” monument sign complete with sweeping automobile tail lights.

Photographers chosen by judges for honorable mention include Alex Austin, Carl Martin, Debbie Hembree, Mary Lynn and Hugh Kirby, Kaleigh Gillette, Juvaes L Stratton, Shari Nettles, and Sharon Langston.

A Monday morning reception was held at City Hall in honor of the participating photographers.

All 11 framed photographs will adorn the City Hall lobby for the next year. Plans for a 2019 Photography Contest are under way.

Apr 23, 2018 2:14 pm |