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The City of Fayetteville prides itself on maintaining an extremely business-friendly environment. We offer a variety of competitive incentives to those projects which align with our strategic vision.


The City of Fayetteville may offer discretionary economic development incentives to attract, retain, or expand businesses located or locating within the limits of the City. Projects must be consistent with the City of Fayetteville’s strategic plans, create measurable benefits for the city such as jobs and investment, and must be classified as one of the City’s target sectors.

Fayetteville Target Sectors

  • Regional and Corporate Headquarters
  • Tourism-related businesses or activities
  • Cultural arts activities and associated businesses
  • Local or Unique Boutique Restaurant and Retail
  • Technology firms such as fintech, health IT, and data centers
  • Creative, Digital, and Gaming Media

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Is classified in the city’s target sectors;
  2. Results in the location, expansion or retention of a business within the City; Creates at least five (5) or more new full-time equivalent jobs with an annual salary above the average wage for Fayette County. Per the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) for Q4 2018, the average weekly wage in Fayette County is $908. Thus, jobs must pay at or above $43,584 annually.
  3. Provides new capital investment for a business location or expansion in the City. Capital investment must be new construction, an addition to an existing facility, or capital improvements. “Capital improvements” means property improvements that will enhance property values or will increase the useful life of the property, excluding landscaping.

Other items that will be considered include economic, cultural, and/or social benefit to the City and total number of jobs, wages, benefits, and types of jobs created.

Sample Discretionary Incentives

Accelerated Permitting & Reduced Fees

An accelerated timeline for obtaining necessary permits and/or provide a reduction in the fees normally assessed for building permits may be arranged based upon project scope.

Occupational Tax Abatement

The City of Fayetteville may offer up to a five-year abatement on the City’s occupational tax collection, which abates 50% in year 1 and declines by 10% each year.

Local Job Creation Grant

To encourage new and expanding businesses to hire from the local workforce, the City of Fayetteville, through the Fayette County Development Authority, offers a Local Jobs Creation Grant Program. Under this program, the company must hire a minimum of five (5) full-time employees with proof of Fayette County residency, and with an annual salary above the average wage for Fayette County. Per the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) for Q4 2018, the average weekly wage in Fayette County is $908. Thus, jobs must pay at or above $43,584 annually.  Job Creation Grants may range from $500-$1500 per qualifying job, based on total # of jobs created, and community impact.


Tax Allocation District

The City of Fayetteville has one tax allocation district (TAD) along the Georgia Highway 85 Corridor and parts of downtown [Link to map]. TADs are a form of tax increment financing used to provide funds for specific public or private infrastructure projects. Requests for use of TAD funds for projects within the TAD boundary can be noted in the application for Fayetteville Economic Development Incentives, and will require a 3rd party analysis of future tax revenue generated from the project.


Property Tax Abatement

New businesses locating to or expanding in Fayetteville may be eligible for property tax savings for a negotiated time period based on the company’s job creation and wages, and capital investment.  The Fayette County Development Authority manages the property tax abatement incentive.

Fayetteville Incentive Process

  • Business prospect/representative submits a letter and application to Brian Wismer, the City of Fayetteville Downtown Development Director.
  • The City of Fayetteville’s Economic Development Incentive Committee evaluates the project. The committee includes representatives from the City of Fayetteville (Downtown Development Director, Director of Finance, and City Manager) and Fayette County Development Authority staff.
  • The City of Fayetteville responds in writing to prospect company with the decision and details of the incentive package, or a request for additional information or analysis.
  • The City prepares an Economic Development Incentive Agreement that is signed by the City Manager of Fayetteville and the prospect company.
  • The project must annually confirm compliance with the terms of the agreement.


In accordance with provisions of a written agreement, the recipient business will be required to meet the following performance criteria:

  1. Create jobs as agreed
  2. Comply with wage requirements
  3. Make capital investments as agreed
  4. Comply with all applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations
  5. Comply with any other terms and conditions imposed by the written agreement

Fayetteville Incentive Application – Existing Business

Fayetteville Incentive Application – Startup Business

Fayetteville Tax Allocation District Addendum

Façade Improvement Program

The Fayetteville Downtown Development Authority (DDA) created the Façade Improvement Program to encourage meaningful exterior improvements to historic properties and promote economic development in the DDA district. The reimbursable matching grant is designed to preserve and restore historic properties and encourage projects that are compatible with the Downtown’s historic character. Grant money is awarded on a matching basis for eligible expenses, which include exterior building renovations or expansions and pedestrian improvements.

The matching grants are provided on a 1:1 basis up to $25,000. The program will also reimburse up to $5,000 in costs for fees related to architecture, engineering, landscape design, and other professional services. Please contact Brian Wismer, Downtown Development Director, for more information.

Downtown Development Authority Facade Grant Brochure

Downtown Development Authority Facade Grant Application

For more information on incentives, please contact Brian Wismer at