Current city flag gains the most votes in recent surveys

Fayetteville’s current flag

Residents were recently asked to look at six Fayetteville flag designs, including the existing design, and to decide which one they prefer to see flying in the future over the City.

The current City flag, adopted in 2002, was designed by local resident Nita McFarlin after a three-month contest. Similarly, Fayetteville City Council members this summer entertained the notion to test public sentiment, and a call was made for new flag designs. (See them all at

Five new designs were chosen as finalists, and they were presented with the current flag for online voting and for in-person voting at the October Main Street Market event. Combining the results, the current flag received the most votes at 31 percent. The second most popular flag, designed by Tandre Oey, received 22% of the vote.

Nov 23, 2018 8:20 am |