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Crime Scene Processing Vehicle and Technology

Project Type:

Public Safety – Police

Project Status:



City of Fayetteville – Police Department

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Proposed Project Year: 2017

Estimated Cost: $185,000

Crime Scene Processing technology continues to increase and become more readily available and in more demand from our prosecutors. The police department recognizes the need to conduct a thorough and accurate crime scene investigation. accomplish the goals of providing the best evidence possible, new equipment is needed to facilitate these demands. An equipped vehi-cle to gather and transport evi-dence, specialized equipment to process the evidence, and equip-ment to accurate plot and map evi-dence scenes is necessary.

Other Notes:

Prior Crime Scene Van was lost due to an accident.

The Fayetteville Police Depart-ment, like every agency in the state has witnessed the de-crease in services provided by the GBI State Crime Lab. The State Crime Lab has a backlog of cases with evidence needing specialized processing that can only be done by utilizing spe-cialized equipment. The GBI is not able to perform many of these specialized processes or test and they have requested police agencies to start con-ducting their own testing of cer-tain items of evidence.

Crime Scene Processing

Status Updates:

Budgeted Funding and Sources:

6 Year SPLOST – $185,000


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