City steps forward with master path project

Rendering of the bridge that will span Hwy. 54 West by Piedmont Fayette Hospital

For years, residents have asked for more sidewalks and recreational paths. In July, the City took a big step in that direction by hiring Jacobs Engineering to develop a Fayetteville Master Path Plan, which would not only identify key locations within Fayetteville that could be included in the plan, but also would determine areas where the City’s paths could connect to the Fayette County path system.

“They will help us develop the best routes to connect everything,” said Downtown Development Director Brian Wismer. “They will also help us develop a priority list based on feasibility.”

Wismer noted that, while Fayetteville’s Downtown Redevelopment Plan already calls for additional pedestrian infrastructure, including recreational paths, the City needs additional help identifying where possibilities exist to connect more of the city to its center as well as to the wider county.

City Planner LaShawn Gardiner made the official recommendation to the Fayetteville City Council.

“Jacobs is familiar with the county and its cities, and it will be an ideal company to assist the City with its master path plan,” Gardiner said.

While the plan is being developed, public input will be sought. Stakeholder meetings are expected to take place in October and December, with the final presentation from Jacobs taking place at a Fayetteville City Council meeting in February.

Aug 13, 2018 8:36 am |