City of Fayetteville citizen survey now open to all

Around 1,600 City of Fayetteville homes were selected this fall to participate in The National Citizen Survey, which will provide a baseline comparison between Fayetteville and peer cities. A paper survey was mailed to that first group of residents, and now the survey has been placed online and opened up for all to participate.

Recipients of the paper survey are asked to complete and return that document instead of completing the online version. Others interested may visit to take the survey, which will be open until Friday, Jan. 18, 2019.

The important distinction between the 1,600 paper surveys and the online survey is that the paper surveys were only sent to verified City of Fayetteville residents and will be weighted as such when compared with peer cities.

“We want to hear from everyone,” said Fayetteville City Manager Ray Gibson. “The City has received tremendous support and collaboration from residents as we have worked on the new Comprehensive Plan and Downtown Redevelopment Plan. Through this survey project, residents are again helping us identify areas where we can improve, and it will help us ensure that services are being provided in the most effective and efficient manner.”

Anyone with questions about Fayetteville’s participation in The National Citizen Survey may contact City Manager Ray Gibson’s office at 770-719-4144.

Dec 27, 2018 3:43 pm |