Is My Address In City Limits ?

How to Confirm an Address is located in the City Limits of Fayetteville.

A Fayetteville Mailing Address Does Not Mean You Are Located in the Fayetteville City Limits

Fayetteville is largely surrounded by the Fayette County, Clayton County and the City of Riverdale. There are many individuals and business that have a mailing address that ends in Fayetteville, GA 30215 or 30214, that believe they live in Fayetteville. However, they do not pay City of Fayetteville taxes and are not located within the Fayetteville city limits. Note: Some subdivision may receive City Water and are outside the City limits. You may have a Fayetteville mailing address, but are not within the City limits. The US Postal Service manages the City of Fayetteville mail and other surrounding areas with the above zip codes.

To check to see if you are within the City Limits, please click the URL below. Within the Address section, enter your address. In the results (see example below), you will see a line with Tax District. The City of Fayetteville is Tax District “02”. Any other tax districts would be outside the City of Fayetteville tax district or outside the county. A Complete list of tax districts within the Fayette County is listed below.

Click the below link to the Fayette County Tax Accessors office. Enter your address into the Address search box, click “Search.” Look for Tax District line. If you have “02”, you should be within the City limits.

Click Here to Search Tax Records   or   Click here of PDF of the City Limits and Streets

Tax Districts:
01 = Fayette County
02 = Fayetteville
03 = Tyrone
04 = Brooks
05 = Peachtree City