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The City of Fayetteville collects stormwater user fees to help pay for an extensive stormwater program, including construction projects to relieve flooding, increased inspections and increased maintenance of the City’s stormwater system.

New culverts have been installed in several neighborhoods and Pye Lake Dam has been rehabilitated. In addition, the City must meet the NPDES Phase II permit requirements enforced by the State of Georgia.  The stormwater fee has helped pay for development of the programs needed to meet these regulatory requirements.

Illicit Discharges

Illicit discharges are non-stormwater discharges that are not allowed under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Sanitary sewer, car wash waters, improper oil or radiator flushing disposal, laundry waste water, and improper disposal of auto and household toxic materials are examples of illicit discharges that can be the source of pollution to the City’s stormwater drainage system and local stream systems. Please report these discharges to the City Building Department staff so that we can investigate and take the appropriate action to correct the problem.

Current projects that the City is working on is the pipe lining project which involves pipe lining to improve the stormwater pipe integrity to gain more lifespan out of pipe without replacing them.

Community Involvement Activities

The City of Fayetteville is looking for volunteers to participate in the City’s storm drain stenciling event. The event is where community groups, scouts, neighborhood organizations apply a decal on the storm drains of a neighborhood to remind the community not to dump contaminants into the drains that can negatively impact streams. Please contact 770-460-4664 for more information.

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Education

Please follow the links for information concerning Illicit Discharges into the stormwater drainage system.

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