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Public Services FAQ’s

Report street light problems to Carmen Blount at 770-460-4660. We will contact the appropriate power company; Georgia Power or Coweta-Fayette EMC for repairs. The City pays a monthly power and maintenance fee to the power companies for this service.

For potholes in the road way the city public works will make all repairs, please contact Jermaine Taylor at 770-460-4661 or email.

The primary contact is Jermaine Taylor at 770-461-4661 or City Hall at 770-461-6029.

For replacement and repairs of all signs and post inside the city, contact Jermaine Taylor 770-460-4661

Property owners are responsible for driveways and driveway culverts, even in the road right of way. The City is responsible to maintain the drainage along the road, but allows adjacent property owners to cross the road with their driveways and culverts.

The City Public Works Department maintains shoulders along major roads. Normally, in subdivisions, the homeowner maintains the shoulder.

In general, creeks are part of the adjacent property and should be cleared of debris and blockages by the property owners. The City does not own the creeks, but we occasionally have a project that affects a creek, such as a flood control project, and we occasionally perform emergency work in creeks. Please contact Jermaine Taylor, 770-460-4661, if you have a problem with a creek.

Engineering and Transportation FAQ’s

Report all non-emergency traffic problems to Carmen Blount at 770-460-4660 or to the Police Department at 770-461-4441. Report emergencies to 911.

Report non-emergency drainage and flooding problems to Jermaine Taylor at 770-460-4661 or City Hall at 770-461-6029. Call 911 for emergencies.

The primary contact is Jermaine Taylor 770-460-4661. You may also call the City Hall general number at 770-461-6029 to report the problem.

The Georgia Department of Transportation owns, maintains, and controls the timing of most traffic signals in Fayetteville.  Two traffic signals on Jimmie Mayfield Blvd. and third traffic signal on North Jeff Davis are owned and maintained by the City. Please call Carmen Blount 770-460-4660 if there is a problem.

Report street light problems to Carmen Blount at 770-460-4660. We will contact the appropriate power company; Georgia Power or Coweta-Fayette EMC for repairs. The City pays a monthly power and maintenance fee to the power companies for this service.

Solid Waste FAQ’s

Garbage and Recycling services are provided through a contract with Waste Industries. Services are picked up based upon the garbage and recycling route maps established by Waste Industries. Please contact City Hall Customer Service at 770-460-4237 to find out your pick up day for these services.

For fastest response, call Waste Industries directly at 770-474-9273. Call City Hall Customer Service at 770-460-4237 if Waste Industries does not respond promptly.

Please call Customer Service at City Hall at 770-460-4237 and we will order these items from Waste Industries. Waste Industries will deliver them to your directly to your home as quickly as possible.

Stormwater FAQ’s

The basic charge is $4.37 per equivalent residential unit (ERU), which equals 3,800 square feet of impervious surface (rooftops, pavement and similar hard surfaces that water cannot penetrate). Each residential unit pays $4.37 per month. Non-residential property pays $4.37 per ERU. This amount was determined by a formula considering the cost of the stormwater program and the number of ERU’s in the City. The fee is only charged to property inside the City Limits.

The stormwater fee is used to pay for capital projects to relieve flooding, for increased inspection of drainage facilities, for increased maintenance of the City’s stormwater system, and to meet the state regulatory requirements.

Water and Sewer FAQ’s

The Finance Department 770-460-4237  has an excellent staff of Customer Service Representatives that will be glad to discuss any and all of your concerns with your water bill. The Finance Billing offices are open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you think that your bill might be incorrect or you think that you might have a leak they will send out the appropriate work orders for our Field Personnel to check.

The Water Department has an after hours office that is open 24 hours a day seven days a week to assist in getting the right personnel to respond to your concerns. The after hours office number is 770-997-5189.

A water meter can be defective. A water meter has an internal disc or paddles that move when water passes through them which in turn moves the wheels on the register to record the water that passes through it. When the disc or paddles wear down due to environment or from a defect inside of the meter it will not register correctly. Since we use meters that record only the water that passes through it the defect will actually cause a lower water bill. A water meter will never turn unless water is passed through it to record.

The Water Department is responsible for the water main, the line that goes to the meter, the meter and meter box. The service line, which starts at the meter and goes to the house, is the customer’s responsibility, even if the leak is in the meter box but is on the service line. If you have a leak on the service line you will have to contact a plumber for repairs.

Service lines are made of different materials ranging from plastic to copper to galvanized. The technology for leak detection on a service line is very expensive and not very effective. Some plumbers do have the resources available to locate leaks in slabs or in basements but the technology has not been proven effective in locating leaks in a yard. The technology requires its placement to be on a concrete surface.

The City of Fayetteville obtains water from two different sources. Approximately fifty percent of the water is supplied by two deep water wells, and the remaining water supply is provided via the Fayette County Water System.

If you have a problem with a sewer back-up you can call our Finance Billing Office 770-460-4237 Monday – Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm and they will radio our Distribution Crew for the quickest response. Call the Water Department 770-460-4660 first in order for us to assess the problem to see if a plumber would have to be called. A sewer jet machine will be used to get the sewer flowing freely again. If the problem is found to be on the service line between the house and the Right of Way we will do our very best to unblock the problem but a plumber will have to repair the line if necessary. If the problem were found to be internal then a plumber would have to be called for repairs. If there is a sewer like smell in the area that you live in we will document the complaint on a work order and will be looked into as quickly as possible. Sewer smell complaints are the hardest to detect the source of the problem so we ask for patience for us to locate and correct the problem.

The City operates and maintains an extensive sanitary sewage collection system with many miles of underground pipes and pump stations. The sewage is transported to our Waste Water Treatment Plant, where all solids are removed. The water is then disinfected and returned to White Water Creek.