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PLEASE NOTE:The Municipal Court of Fayetteville does not e-mail its court appearance notices.

GENERAL INFORMATION: The City of Fayetteville Municipal Court is held six times each month.

At your first appearance in Court, which is called an arraignment, the Judge will explain to you in detail all the rights guaranteed to you by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution for the State of Georgia.  These rights include the right to a trial by jury, the right to be represented by an attorney and the right to have an attorney appointed to represent you at the expense of the city if you are determined to be indigent.  After explaining all of your rights to you the Judge will also explain to you all of the options that you have available to you and the possible consequences if you enter a plea of guilty or nolo contendere.

NO ONE will be denied entry into the Courtroom.  If you are bringing small children please be aware that if they are disruptive to the proceedings, they and you may be asked to leave the Courtroom.

All individuals and their backpacks, purses, briefcases, large packages and so forth are subject to a security check prior to entry into the Courtroom.

Cell phones and other electronic devices are allowed in the Courtroom but must be turned off while Court is in session.

EFFECTIVE July 1, 2018, a $50 late fee will be added to your citation if you are late for court, and $100 will be added to your citation if you miss your court date.

Court Clerk
Tabitha Crowley

Chief Judge
Hon. Rhonda B. Kreuziger

Judge Pro-Tem
Hon. Nailah Grant McFarlane

City Solicitors
Julie Kert – Primary
Al Dixon – Assistant