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Fire Department FAQ’s

ISO’s classification ratings are used by many insurance companies as part of the basis for setting premiums for policies covering personal and commercial property. An improvement in the Public Protection Classification (PPC) often means lower premiums for property owners.

3 (within 5 miles of fire station and within 1000′ from hydrant)

3X (greater than 5 miles, not more than 7 miles from fire station and within 1000′ of hydrant)


770-461-4548 is the non-emergency phone number that can be used during normal business hours (8am-5pm Monday thru Friday). This number is used for general requests for information. Occasionally, we will receive phone calls on our non-emergency number for situations that require our assistance, but the caller is reluctant to call 911 and report it as an emergency. If you encounter a situation that concerns you enough to contact the fire department, please go ahead and call 911 instead of the non-emergency fire department number. This will ensure the proper personnel and equipment are dispatched to your location.

The career employees work 24-hour shifts. However, the crews are not always at the fire stations due to work assignments, training, or emergency calls. Please use a cell phone to dial 911.

The City of Fayetteville does not accept employment applications unless a job opening exists. These openings are advertised in the local papers, as well as our web site. To apply for an open position, you must complete and submit an application form. General requirements for entry-level positions give preference to individuals with firefighting experience and State of Georgia emergency medical technician certification.

Job Board

You may contact the Fire Marshal’s office at 770-461-4548 to request the report. You will need to complete an open records request for any incident report. There is a $4 charge for each report.

We welcome our citizens that drop by the fire station for a visit. We are happy to conduct a tour of the station and apparatus, as well as answer any questions. Scheduling of such visits is not required. We do ask that groups desiring to participate in a tour call ahead and schedule this through the Fire Marshal’s office at 770-719-4054. This will ensure that we have personnel available to receive the group and conduct a quality tour.

If you live within the City limits, just call the fire department at 770-461-4548 and notify us that you intend on burning. We do not issue permits, but request notification to ensure that we are able to review the rules for outdoor controlled burning. We will occasionally deny a request to conduct a controlled burn, based on prevailing weather conditions. Commercial burn permits, for projects such as land clearing, must be obtained through the Fire Marshal’s office.

Outdoor burning is not permitted between May 1 and September 30.

Materials are limited to yard debris. Plastics, rubber, or other similar type materials may not be burned. The burn must be conducted a safe distance (usually at least 50 ft.) from any building and may only be conducted during daylight hours. The burn must be attended at all times by a responsible individual with a garden hose readily available for safety. The fire department reserves the right to extinguish any fire if determined to present a safety hazard.

Occasionally someone may call and complain about a controlled burn. A fire apparatus will respond to investigate any complaint. We may or may not ask the homeowner to extinguish the fire, depending on the situation we discover.

You may obtain a burn permit from the Fayette county by calling 770-305-5468.