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Normal Business Hours:

Monday – Friday | 8am – 5pm

City Hall Phone Numbers

If you have an emergency, please call the Fayette County E911 Center by dialing 911

or 770-461-4357.

Office Department

Phone Number 

Mayor and Council Office
Mayor and Council Office 770-719-4159
Administration Offices  
City Manager 770-719-4144
City Clerk 770-719-4159
Public Information Officer 770-719-4290
City Hall General Offices  
City Hall Operator 770-461-6029
Engineering 770-461-6029
Finance 770-461-6029
Human Resources 770-461-6029
Job Line 770-719-4182
Inclement Weather 770-719-4154
Business License 770-461-6029
Planning and Zoning 770-719-4177
Utilities Customer Service 770-460-4237
Fire Fire Main Number 770-461-4548
Burn Permit Information 770-719-4051
Main Street  
Main Street Information and Events 770-719-4173
Building and Permits
Permits Main Number 770-719-4062
Permits Inspection Request Number 770-719-4063
Police Main Number 770-461-4441
Water and Public Works  
Water Plant Main Number 770-460-4258
Water and Sewer Emergency After Hours  770-997-5189
Public Works Main Number 770-460-4230