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The Control Network for the City of Fayetteville was established for the purpose of Infrastructure mapping of the Water, Sewer and Stormwater Systems. The network consist of 25 monuments located throughout the City for triangulation for survey points.

Control Monument Disclaimer

The information contained in this web site was compiled for survey projects pertaining to the City of Fayetteville. All Control points contained within this web site are suitable only for use on projects for the City of Fayetteville. Any use of this data for projects other than submittals to the City of Fayetteville shall be at your own risk.

Additionally, in the event that you are using the data for a submittal to the City of Fayetteville, it is your sole responsibility to verify the accuracy, precision or utility of the information contained herein and to exercise your best professional judgement in the exercise of your duties regardless of the information contained herein. It is also your sole resposibility to field research and verify all the points within our control network before you incorporate the points into your survey project.

If you have read the Disclaimer feel free to go to the Control Map below.

Control Network Map