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The City of Fayetteville’s Code Enforcement Officer focuses on compliance with all city codes and ordinances. Code Enforcement ensures residential & commercial properties are properly maintained, trash & debris are disposed of, inoperative/junk vehicles are not illegally stored, signs are not illegally posted, etc.

To report potential violations of the City’s Ordinance  on-line (see form below), or call 770-719-4150

Code Enforcement DOES NOT handle building code violations, drainage issues, erosion control or dilapidated structures. If you need assistance with these types of violations, please contact the Building & Inspections office.

Code Enforcement Officer
Terry Windley

We at the City of Fayetteville are constantly working to improve upon our customer service. As we work to build business and protect Citizens in Fayetteville, our goal is to provide you premier customer service. In order to serve you better, please share your comments, code enforcement problems, repair issues in the City right away and allow us to answer any question you may have for the City Departments. Please fill out the form below, it will be routed to the proper department for response.

Thanks again for caring about Fayetteville.