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Mission Statement:

The City of Fayetteville Community Development Department strives to provide professional assistance in planning, development, and construction by adopting and enforcing current codes and standards in a uniform and unbiased manner, in order to establish and maintain a safe, healthy and attractive community for all residents and business owners.

To achieve this mission, the Community Development Department performs the following key functions:

Planning and Zoning

Ensures the implementation of the City’s 20 year Comprehensive Plan for growth, development, and redevelopment through additional small area studies and review of all development proposals for conformance with zoning regulations.

Building & Inspections

Reviews building permit applications and inspects construction to ensure compliance with applicable codes and ordinances to ensure safety of residents and the public.

Code Enforcement

Works with owners to ensure that property is properly maintained to protect public safety and property values.


Provides engineering technical support related to development plan review and design, inspections, and administration of public improvements and construction.

The new Master Path Plan will connect the community with sidewalks, paths, and trails. This system will be connected to the Fayette County path system.


David Rast

Director of