City crews step up their game to maintain rights-of-way through a rainy spring season

Public Works personnel trim along Lee Street in Downtown Fayetteville.

Keeping all 45 miles of Fayetteville’s right-of-way grass mowed and trimmed is a big job during any spring and summer, but when you add unusually high amounts of rainfall to the situation, the City’s Public Works 11-man crew (including its operations manager) has to double down to get the job done.

Fayetteville this spring has seen abundant rainfall, which translates to fast-growing grass and weeds. In both February and March, the area averaged almost six inches of rain, and nearly five for both April and May. These amounts are about an inch a month more than normal.

Public Works Operations Manager Jermaine Taylor says he and his team spend about 700 hours a month this time of year looking after the grass, maintaining the stormwater system, repairing roads, and setting up for and clearing away after Main Street Fayetteville events. That’s in addition to providing janitorial support and maintenance for all of the City’s buildings and whatever else needs to be done.

“It takes everybody to get it all done,” Taylor said.

What would help a great deal, says Taylor, would be if locals would pitch in on keeping litter off the streets and rights-of-way.

“A lot of it is coming out of the garbage trucks, but some of it comes from people just throwing it out of their vehicles,” Taylor said. “It helps us out a lot when residents and business will keep their properties picked up.

“It helps when businesses take care of their own right-of-way, too,” Taylor said, adding that many Fayetteville businesses already do that, for which he is appreciative.

“We have a large area to maintain even when we have a full crew working that day,” Taylor said. “About 75 percent of the work this time of year is just keeping the grass cut. The rest of the time, we’re doing something different every day.”

Jun 15, 2018 3:02 pm |