City Council changing format to accommodate monthly work sessions

Fayetteville City Council dais

Beginning Thursday, August 2, the Fayetteville City Council will hold monthly work sessions in order to give elected officials more opportunity as a group to discuss major projects with each other and with City staff.

City Council meetings take place on the first and third Thursday evenings of each month. While that first meeting will now primarily be a work session, the third-Thursday meeting will retain the existing format.

“We like to keep our regular, voting meetings moving at a swifter pace so we can be considerate of everyone’s time, but many upcoming projects will require more input from our elected officials, so that’s why we’re bringing work sessions back,” said City Manager Ray Gibson. “There may be times when we handle normal voting business on first-Thursdays, but the idea is for voting to take place on third-Thursdays, and work sessions to take place on first-Thursdays.”

All regular meetings and work sessions will begin at 6 p.m. as usual in the Council Chambers at Fayetteville City Hall. Regular meetings and work sessions are open to the public.

While time is not set aside for public comment during work sessions, members of the public are encouraged to give their feedback after meetings.

Jul 27, 2018 8:23 am |