Who do you call for help from the City?

Fayetteville City Hall

The City of Fayetteville government exists to serve the people of the community. When constituents know who to contact first in a time of need or to share a concern, everyone benefits.

“We have seen a rising trend of people using social media posts to alert the City of situations requiring attention,” said City Manager Ray Gibson. “We appreciate the importance of communicating through social media, but telephone calls and even e-mails are still quicker and more effective ways of reaching the City department that can help you.

“When constituents are witnessing or experiencing an emergency situation, they should immediately dial 9-1-1,” Gibson added. “However, non-emergency situations are important, too, and we want people to get the help they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s why we list the phone numbers of the major, public-facing departments on the front page of every Bi-Weekly Report, and we display these numbers prominently on our website and social media pages.”

Constituents not knowing what City department to contact first can call City Hall at 770-461-6029, or e-mail info@fayetteville-ga.gov. Outside of office hours (8-5, Monday-Friday, except for certain holidays), constituents may leave a message. The Water & Sewer Department can be reached outside of office hours at 770-997-5189.

Another handy non-emergency number is 770-461-HELP (4357), which reaches the Fayette County 911 Communications Center on a non-emergency telephone line.

“Your elected officials enjoy hearing from constituents, and our e-mail addresses and personal telephone numbers are listed on the City website,” said Mayor Ed Johnson. “However, we are not full-time City employees, and some council members hold other full-time jobs, so if a constituent needs immediate assistance, they may want to call City departments directly.”

Jul 16, 2018 1:25 pm |