Asking about building permits now can help homeowners avoid headaches later

City of Fayetteville Building Department, 770-719-4062,

Spring and summer are busy times of the year for homeowners wanting to make improvements to their properties, and while the City encourages this sort of investment, the Building Department recommends that residents check with them about any permits that may be necessary.

As a general rule, anything that changes a home’s structure or alters the electrical, plumbing or HVAC systems needs a permit, says City of Fayetteville Building Official Greg Taliercio. Permits are not normally required for replacing kitchen cabinets, for example, so long as the electrical and plumbing fixtures remain in the same places. Replacing appliances such as refrigerators and stoves is fine without a permit, of course. However, replacing water heaters, heating and cooling systems, and other such projects do require a permit.

In many cases, pre-built sheds delivered and anchored in place do not need a permit, but building a shed on site does require a permit. Major remodeling projects normally require permits, but simply replacing siding on a house, so long as the siding is up to city standards (no vinyl, for example), will not require a permit.

When in doubt, Taliercio says it is best to ask. The Building Department can be reached at 770-719-4062. Taliercio can be e-mailed at

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