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Posted on: June 14, 2022

The City, residents, and guests work together to maintain City Center Park

City Center Park's splash pad is a top attraction in warmer months.

Fayetteville, Georgia – June 14, 2022 - Fayetteville’s City Center Park spray pad has become one of the community’s most popular attractions, and the City is dedicated to ensuring it and the rest of the park is operated and maintained to the highest possible standards.

The water that flows through the City Center Park spray pad and the City Hall plaza flume is treated with swimming pool-grade chemicals and daily procedures to ensure it is safe for people to enjoy. The raised water feature located in the adjacent Triumph Station plaza is privately maintained; it is an architectural element that is not intended as a play feature for people or pets.

“We have an automatic water quality monitoring system and feed system for pH and chlorine,” said Public Services Director Chris Hindman. “We use ultraviolet light as a backup.”

Hindman noted that City staff perform manual water quality tests on a daily basis and make adjustments as necessary.

“We have a licensed pool technician that performs inspections twice a week,” Hindman added. “The Fayette County Health Department also performs spot checks on the park as they see fit.”

The City’s Public Works Department works as a team to maintain City Center Park, but it also has two employees designated as a part-time park attendants which are there daily when the park is open.

While the City does a lot to keep City Center Park clean and safe, guests are also asked to do their part, especially in looking after the playground and the spray pad.

“We hope residents and guests will avoid littering and that they will also help us pick up any additional litter they may see in the area,” said City Manager Ray Gibson. “We get comments all the time about how much people are loving our City Center Park, and children are especially enjoying the spray pad on these warm days, so we are grateful to all of our park users who help us look after it.”

The City Manager says plans are underway to make additional improvements to City Center Park playground equipment.

“We have concerns about the metal slides, which can get hot in the sun this time of year, so we’re in the process of upgrading those structures with sun shades,” Gibson said. “It is amazing to see City Center Park becoming the gathering place we hoped it would be, and we are committed to maintaining and improving it.”

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