Planning & Zoning

Fayetteville strives to achieve a healthy, exciting and balanced mix of development types and uses in order to create a vibrant community.  Good planning involves understanding which land uses work in which locations and in what form.  City Staff works proactively and collaboratively with property owners and potential developers in an effort to ensure that new developments add value to the overall community while promoting the maintenance of existing neighborhoods and commercial properties.

The Department dedicates their efforts in three main areas:

  1. Current Development
  2. Long Range Planning
  3. Planning Studies, Grants, Special Projects, etc.

Staff also serves as the liaison to the Planning and Zoning Commission and to City Council.

Comprehensive Plan 2022 Update

Download the Comprehensive Plan 2022 Update (PDF)

Master Path Plan Assessment Summary & Project Recommendations

Download the Master Path Plan Assessment Summary (PDF)

Fayette High Priority Trail Study 2023

Download the Fayette High Priority Trail Study 2023