It’s grass-cutting season again in Fayetteville

Code enforcement officers Terry Windley (left) and Vernon Ruth with their supervisor, Building Official Greg Taliercio.

Keeping Fayetteville beautiful is a community-wide effort that happens every day, and it starts with community members keeping up their own properties, whether residential, commercial or institutional. This time of year, the basic and mundane chore of keeping grass cut becomes a top priority for the City of Fayetteville, where personnel are tasked not only with enforcing rules on property owners but also on keeping up properties that fall under the City’s own jurisdiction.

Code Enforcement Officers Terry Windley and Vernon Ruth deal with grass cutting issues most days, whether in response to constituent complaints or personal observation as they drive around the city. According to Fayetteville Code 58-34, uncut grass officially becomes a “nuisance” when it reaches a height of 12 inches or more, at which point it can become a risk to public health, especially when this high grass is allowed to grow near homes, businesses and other habitable structures.

Vermin, reptiles and other animals tend to find high grasses welcoming, which can be detrimental to humans.

According to Fayetteville Code Enforcement records, officers conducted a total of 786 grass cutting inspections just between the period of May 1 to June 14. That includes initial inspections, follow-up inspections, warnings and citations.

While those inspection numbers may seem high, Windley says city residents have gotten better over the last couple of years at complying with the grass cutting ordinance.

The City itself looks after around 45 miles of right of way, which makes for a huge grass-cutting challenge. The Fayetteville Public Works crew, in addition to their many other maintenance obligations, handles the mowing, trimming and blowing. It’s a non-stop task all the way into fall.

Jun 26, 2019 10:16 am |