Public Safety Facilities

Fire Station 93 – Design and Construct

Project Number: 9

Category: Public Safety – Fire

Location: West Fayetteville

Proposed Project Year: 2017

Estimated Cost: $2,072,000

Expenditures: $78,641.00

The City identified the need for an additional fire station to serve the late 1990’s. Since then, the City has collected impact fees for this facility and secured a station site on Lester Road. In consideration of the anticipated growth in this area, fire department staff re-evaluated and identified an alternate site which will better accommodate the facility and provide improved coverage to the area. Upon completion, Station 93 will significantly improve response times to this area, bringing times well within the established city performance goal of five minutes or less. This station will also add capacity to the city’s overall existing fire protection.

Approximately three (3) acres has been designated for the construction of a public safety facility on the west side of the city to provide service for existing and future service demands. This facility will be capable of housing resources for fire and rescue, emergency medical services, and law enforcement. (Property Acquisition – Property has been designated through annexation ordinance.)

Currently, firefighters are based at a temporary Station #93, pictured below, located on the Piedmont Fayette Hospital campus.