#10b Police Department Vehicles

Replacement of Police Department Vehicles

Project Number: 10b

Category: Police Department Vehicles

Location: City of Fayetteville

Proposed Project Year: 2019

Estimated Cost: $885,000

Expenditures: $482,740.21

Several new public safety vehicles were purchased in 2018 to replace vehicles in both the Fire Department and Police Department fleets. More replacement vehicles have been ordered and are expected to join the fleets in 2019.

Replacement of Police Vehicles Patrol Division

The Police Department has an increasing need to maintain a stable and adequate fleet of patrol vehicles that are capable of high-speed response to crimes in progress and pursuit abilities if needed. Aging vehicles with diminished capacity for high-speed operations create undue risk and potential for liability. Maintaining a patrol fleet with a progressive replacement policy is paramount for risk-management for patrol operations.

For a vehicle to be considered an authorized police vehicle, it has to be a pursuit-rated vehicle and should be properly equipped with the necessary visual and audible warning equipment, communications, and protective equipment.

Estimated Cost per unit is $50,000.

The total project is for 14 replacement vehicles to be phased in over a three year period.

Replaced: Two Crime Scene Units

To Be Replaced: 12 Patrol Units